101Ways To Market And Distribute Your Film

Over 8000 films were made last year and only a few found distribution. With all that money spent on the film, having gotten rejection after rejection from distributors, the question remains what to do with the film. But self-distribution has become a viable option for many filmmakers. ‘101 ways to market and distribute your film’ empowers the filmmaker to explore the various options of distribution and eventually make money back on their film. The ultimate guide on self distribution with hundreds of links, addresses and information to make it easy for anybody to use.

Hannah And The Talking Tree


Hannah was born with very big ears. One day she goes into the forest and find a lonely tree – a tree that can talk. She shares her stories with him, and decides to help the lonely tree. She goes into town, tells the tree’s story and asks the people for help to plant new trees.

What Makes Me Happy

Compilation of interviews and essays about ‘Happiness’. What makes people happy and why? Voices of people who have found happiness, or are you struggling to find it.

‘What makes ME happy’ is an uplifting, emotional book about our path to happiness.