Drug Testing on the Job

There has been much controversy over the years regarding the issue of employers drug testing their employees. Workers feel that this is an invasion of their privacy, which has nothing to do with the time they spend in the workplace. On the other side of the coin, companies argue that drugs do not magically leave a person’s system once they step on to company property. There is also the question of workers taking illegal substances while on the clock. Impairment not only affects accuracy and timeliness, it can also create safety hazards that can threaten not only the person in question, but also others.


Do businesses need a standard drug test for employment? Making that part of the interview/onboarding process would help to weed out chronic drug users before they have a chance to join the team. A standardized test would also ensure that the same procedures and steps are undertaken at each company, thus helping to guarantee accuracy and fairness.

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada on July 1st of this year, which creates a conundrum for employers. There is the good chance that easy accessibility will increase usage among the population, at least for a brief period, before people decide whether they wish to make marijuana a regular part of their lives. That means the potential for more workers coming in impaired. Of course, alcohol is also legal and there is always the chance of someone being drunk on the job, but recreational pot is still untested waters for many companies.

One solution is workplace drug testing at DriverCheck. This company has a long history with many notable clients and is well-respected for their accuracy. If you are interested in adding drug testing to your company’s onboarding procedure, or wish to test regular employees on occasion, they are an excellent choice to consider.