Parents Who Need a Bike Trailer and Stroller Can Now Get Two-for-One

More and more millennials are embracing an active, car-free lifestyle. Many of them are also at the age where they’re becoming parents. It was once thought that having kids meant having to go out and buy a four-door vehicle, but today’s millennial parents are proving that assumption false, investing in child bike trailers instead. Now, parents who need a bike trailer and a stroller can find both in a much cooler package: the stroller bike.

Stroller bikes are a relatively new product on the market, with the (now-defunct) Taga Bike and the Wike Salamander being the two that stand out. The Canadian-made Salamander recently made international headlines when it took home the EUROBIKE Gold Award. It probably won’t before these bikes become a common sight in bike-friendly cities.

What exactly is a stroller bike? In short, it’s a combo between a stroller and a classic, Dutch-style bike with an attached child bike trailer, designed to convert from bike-mode to stroller-mode as the rider moves indoors from the street. The design makes it much easier to bike to the store with your kids in tow, since you don’t have take them out of their seat or to deal with locking the bike up. Both are definite advantages for active parents, especially if you live in a bike theft hot-spot like I do (and I would definitely be paranoid about leaving a sleek thing like this chained up outside!)

While this model is built with children in mind, I could see myself using a Salamander stroller bike for other purposes as well. Since the child seat is removable, the bucket-style trailer would work great as a shopping cart. And there’s nothing stopping you from using it as a doggie stroller (except perhaps dignity).

The Salamander retails for a hefty $5,000, but the price makes sense relative to other specialty bicycles. Right now, stroller bikes are brand-new and primarily marketed towards hardcore bike enthusiasts. But as more parents who need a bike trailer and stroller become aware of this option, and the Salamander’s competitors catch on, I expect Wike to roll out a range of models at different price points (as they have for their bike trailers.)